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I'MA MUTHAFCUKIN JEDI!! trained by Mace Windu himself, i dream of opening a chain of Kentacohuts in my country, my celeb crush? adele sitting on rebecca black!! i'm a dreamer, most say why, i say ...more words then that. i got a vocab bitch!! *insert awesome quote of super motivation and inspiration* u welcome. enjoy motherfluffer!! o whats this blog bout...i don't know. that's whats up!

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first to pop up on the dash… 

gonna start this off with first blog that pops up on my dash

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inbox a nigha anything so i can peep your blog, so much to go through these days i just stay on my dash. so if you want me to check out your steez holla.

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i’d help you hide a body

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what do people talk about on dates these days?

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A: this person is so weird always trying to flirt and stuff, it works on my nerves
B: so why do you continue to entertain them?
A: …
B: …
B: …
B: …

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  • creepy guy: When can i be your wingman?
  • Marty: How does Nevuary the 5th work for you?

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possible design for the winter range…
"I ask myself, how strong are we, if a mere assumption can make you feel empty inside."

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there are 2 forks in the road in one direction there is high possibility of drama regret and bullshit…but there is a small chance at the end of that road you might get what you think you want. then there is the other direction… there is no drama no bullshit none of that “exciting” ish…its harder though…and hardly travelled. you are still likely to get a prize but it wont be what you think you want n it could be better…if it is better its going to be a prize only few have achieved. the first paths been travelled before though many many times by everyone really n they are all telling you not to take it…”choose the other path”…but nope “exception mentality” “we will do it better”…

do they though?

which path did you choose?

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